Roamware has produced a new gateway that enables CDMA mobile users to roam on GSM networks, while retaining their CDMA numbers.

The Interstandard Roaming Gateway (IRG) will however require a CDMA user to have GSM SIM card on a GSM phone or a dual-mode GSM and CDMA phone, said the company's marketing director, Abraham Punnoose.

The GSM CLI (caller line identification) is masked when the CDMA subscriber makes a call from the GSM network, and the subscriber's CDMA number is instead sent to the called party, Punnoose said. CDMA subscribers can also receive and send SMS while roaming in GSM networks, he added.

CDMA customers will also get a single consolidated bill that includes the cost of calls made from GSM networks, according to Punnoose.

The net result for a CDMA user will be to extended their roaming from 18 countries to over 100 countries around the world.

One mobile service provider in India and another in Bangladesh are already implementing Roamware's IRG, with another operator in South America likely to deploy the technology, according to Punnoose. The company is chasing mobile operators in the US.