The new Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) has announced the appointment of Mark Flynn as CEO.

Joining from Snow Software, where he was UK managing for two years, his appointment, says the CCL, "represents an acceleration in the pace of the campaign to drive real change in the sale and licensing of software to businesses".The CCL is a not-for-profit global organisation campaigning for clear licensing, manageable license programmes and the rights of business software buyers. As well as lobbying, it will provide a professional network for procurement, software asset management (SAM) and licensing specialists to share their insight and opinion.

The CCL says it will work with software publishers, end users and the reseller community to reduce the indirect costs of using commercial software, by "improving the clarity and usability of software license terms and conditions", and developing a code of conduct for use by the industry when resolving disputes, including during software audits.

Flynn said, "The CCL is a pro-software organisation that believes software licensing should be an enabler of corporate strategies and not a blocker to progress. But for too long software publishers have had the mindset of 'where there is mystery and fear there is money' when engaging with their customers."He said, "This has to stop, but there is a big hole when it comes to the representation of end-users in the software market. FAST, BSA and SIIA for instance are there to support the cause of the software publishers, but no one is standing up for end-user organisations."

Prior to his role at Snow Software, Flynn held positions at Civica, Teksys and Bytes.

The Campaign for CLear Licensing Manifesto is available here.