Computer Associates has put $1 million behind its attempt to dislodge Microsoft's SQL Server and Oracle's 10g with its newly open-sourced Ingres database.

The company announced at the end of last month that it would open-source the dormant code in the hope of reviving it. Now it has put out a $1 million "challenge" to encourage development of a migration toolkit from competing databases.

Programmers within the open-source community will be offered the $1 million bounty to develop tools to help businesses using other databases switch to Ingres, a company spokesman said. He would not say which competing databases CA was targeting.

Currently, Ingres is available under a CA Trusted Open Source Licence, which allows independent software vendors to incorporate Ingres into their products as long as they provide their customers with the Ingres source code.

It is not the only company that has seen open-sourcing an old and nearly defunct product as the way to revive its chances. Earlier this week, IBM donated "Derby", its Java-based Cloudscape relational database, to the Apache Software Foundation, to be managed as an open-source project.