CA is set offer users the ability to manage a multiple user accounts from a single product.

CA Identity Manager, which fuses Netegrity's IndentityMinder software with CA's eTrust Admin provisioning product, will also contain new auditing and reporting tools designed to make it easier for companies to come into compliance with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, said Matthew Gardiner, director of identity and access management marketing at CA

The company spent more than US$400 million on the Netegrity acquisition and customers and analysts had expressed concerns that about whether the acquisition would produce useful and well-supported products. In 2006 the software vendor expects to begin integrating Netegrity's two other major products into its portfolio.

In early 2006, CA will integrate Netegrity SiteMinder with its eTrust SSO (Single Sign On) software. Later in the year, a web services management product called TransactionMinder will be integrated with CA's Web Services Distributed Management product, Gardiner said.

Identity manager's pricing will range from about $1 per user to $80 per user, depending on the number of users involved. The product will ship "within the next 45 days," Gardiner said.