Business Objects is offering small businesses access to a bundle of its portal, reporting and business intelligence software for 1.99 euros (US$2.33) a day under a new leasing programme.

The company will sell the bundle, called Office Pack, through its network of French distributors. Financing for the software leases is handled by Finovia, the software financing division of French distributor Logix, which already distributes Business Objects software.

The leasing programme is only available in France for the moment, as Finovia only operates there. However, early next year Finovia plans to open a subsidiary in Belgium, so Office Pack could soon be available there, Finovia's sales manager Vincent Bavcevic said Wednesday.

The 1.99 euro price is available to French businesses willing to sign up a minimum of 10 users for three years. The price includes maintenance and technical support services, and the lease of software licenses for one copy of Crystal Reports Professional, Web Intelligence for one seat, Web Intelligence Interactive Viewing for the other seats, and Business Objects Enterprise with Live Office, the company said.

Office Pack includes the software necessary to set up a portal for decision support, reporting on operational and decision support systems, the creation of dashboards and the integration of business intelligence data in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.