Business Objects is to buy Firstlogic, which makes enterprise data quality software. The business intelligence software vendor said that the acquisition would allow the company to deliver a more complete offering to enterprises.

When companies do data integration work they inevitably find data quality issues, according to Business Objects. With this acquisition, the company can offer products and services that combine data integration with data quality functions, the company added.

Business Objects also said that it expected the acquisition to make it more competitive because customers are looking to standardise on a single platform that can deliver a complete information management tool. Business Objects is one of the few independent business intelligence vendors left, as broader platform vendors like Oracle and IBM add the technology to their products.

Firstlogic has upwards of 6,000 customers using its data quality products, which offer data assessment and measurement, data cleansing, data enrichment and monitoring. Firstlogic and Business Objects have worked together since 2004.

The acquisition is a cash transaction of US$69 million and is expected to close in the second quarter.