BT is to deploy 3Tera's AppLogic grid operating system to support future software-as-a-service and other offerings.

The AppLogic system is a set of services that run on CentOS 4.3. The platform allows carriers to manage their portfolios of online application and utility computing offerings and systems using only a browser and "basic IT skills," according to 3Tera.

BT, which signed a multiyear contract with 3Tera, is deploying the AppLogic system internally, but it will be used for future services such as software-as-a-service, says Venkat Raju, senior strategy consultant at BT. He said BT was also conducting customer trials using the AppLogic system.

While other service providers have been offering utility computing services for the past three to four years, those offerings are generally manual intensive and do not allow customers to request more bandwidth or to turn on an application themselves. Instead requests for more bandwidth or for a new feature are directed to the carrier, which then fulfils the request.

3Tera's AppLogic system automates these processes.

BT conducted a detailed search for a platform that would work well with its 21st Century Network initiative, Raju says. "3Tera's product came the closest to meeting our specifically has a virtual modelling environment that was very important to BT."