Borland Software is laying off approximately 300 of its 1400 staff, and cutting its international operations.

Borland will focus on the highest-priority markets in North America and parts of Europe and Asia, for its work on application lifecycle management, the company said. "We're taking a broad, objective look at how we're serving international markets," said Mike Hulme, senior director of product marketing at Borland.

"We believe these changes will not only streamline operations, but will also better align our resources for success in the enterprise," said Borland chief executive Tod Nielsen, in a prepared statement. "These changes are designed to get us to an operating model that can more effectively support our long-term strategy for growth and profitability."

The company expects to save around $60 million a year through workforce reduction, geographic consolidation and the planned divestiture of the company's developer tools group.

Other changes include:

  • Operating the developer tools group as a separate entity to prepare for divestiture. Borland does not yet have a buyer for this group but has had inquiries. "We're going through the process right now" of working on a short list of potential buyers and getting down to terms, Hulme said.
  • Combining the company's sales and professional services functions to create a new field operations function.
  • Folding customer support into research and development.
  • Creating a new business operations function, headed by Borland vice president Chris Barbin.