CodeGear,the Borland subsidiary, has released a new version of JBuilder 2008 its IDE for Java.

The company has added Application Factories – part of the Eclipse framework - to the product, it claimed, to improve developer usability.

Jon Harrison, Lead Technical Evangelist and Product Manager for Java products said that the thinking was to bring all the experience and knowledge within a developer’s head into the application.

“What we have to look at is ways in which we can reuse components or modules to save the developers having to write from scratch. What we’ve done is packaged that ability into a single repository so that developers are presented with views of all modules that are available.

Matt Raible, founder and lead developer of AppFuse, an open source applauded the development. “A common goal of both AppFuse and Application Factories is to reduce the inevitable ramp-up time due to the complexity and number of frameworks typically involved in building new web applications. Application Factories takes a significant step forward in addressing this issue. It enables developers to take an application-centric approach to development and work in an IDE that is application-aware.”

Codegear claimed that JBuilder 2008 was also the first commercial IDE for Java to include Instantiations Swing Designer as an integrated feature of the product. Swing Designer is a visual layout tool that helps developers to quickly and easily construct Swing-based graphical user interfaces.

Other new JBuilder 2008 capabilities include:

  • Updated support for leading commercial and open source Java application servers
  • Updated support for leading commercial and open source Java application servers
  • Collaboration and team development with TeamInsight and ProjectAssist
  • Code coverage, memory and CPU profiling
  • Thread debugging and request analyser
  • UML modelling and code archaeology
  • Code metrics and audits

  • JBuilder 2008 Turbo will be available as a free, certified Eclipse bundle, JBuilder 2008 while JBuilder 2008 Professional will cost a new user, £299. The enterprise version, at £899, offers users provides enterprise-class Java IDE with collaboration and team development support,as well as the newly introduced JBuilder Application Factories.