Computer Associates International is set to unveil a version of its AllFusion Modeling Suite that features tighter integration with ERP packages, the company said.

Version 4.1.4 of the application development life cycle management suite features seven products for modelling functions. "What the (suite) does is enable you to create graphical or visual representations of your databases, the pieces that make up your application, as well as your business processes," said Shari Shore, vice president of product marketing for AllFusion at Computer Associates.

Among highlights of the release is integration with ERP packages from SAP, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft without having to write code to an API. This is provided in the Saphir Option component of AllFusion 4.1.4, which extracts and analyses metadata.

By integrating with third-party applications, AllFusion enables access to various data sets such as customer names and order history, according to Shore.

Usability also has been enhanced, with changes in menus and screens as well as the addition of new buttons, Shore said. A pre-built, drag-and-drop function provides for easier integration.

The product, however, does not yet have any features tuned to work with grid computing functions in Oracle10g. Grid improvements are planned for a future release, Shore said.