Boingo Wireless has launched a new global Wi-Fi service to provide business travellers with access to 100,000 Boingo hot spots around the world.

No roaming charges or per-minute fees will be required for the new service, called Boingo Global, which has been launched in the US on a $39 (£20) a month flat rate.

Users can buy the service online and download Go Boingo utility software for Windows that identifies partner hot spots. Go Boingo also allows users to log in with a single click using a Boingo account.

Boingo Global is likely to increase the attractiveness of Wi-Fi access, since many business travellers are used to paying £5 a day or more for Internet access in hotels and airports on an ad hoc basis, said Julie Ask, an analyst at JupiterResearch. "This service takes you over the bump" of the costs, she said.

BlackBerry users and other wireless email customers are finding mobile data fees "pretty expensive," she noted.

But Zeus Kerravala, an analyst at Yankee Group Research said even 100,000 hot spots would not be enough to please some of the busiest business travellers.

"The problem with Boingo Global is that even at 100,000 hot spots, it's not everywhere," Kerravala said. "I'd pay $40 (£20) a month if it were access to all hot spots."