BMC Software has entered the enterprise Linux arena with a series of new products.

While BMC previously supported some Linux distributions, the company has now extended support for several of its systems and database management products to enterprise-grade Linux distributions, said Dave Hilbe, product management director at BMC's Linux Solutions Group.

"We used to focus on what some might call consumer versions of Linux that update fairly regularly, Red Hat 7 for example. We are now putting more emphasis on the enterprise level distributions," he said.

BMC has added support for Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 2.1 and SuSE Linux's Linux Enterprise Server 8 to several of its products, including Deployment Manager for Linux Version 1.2, and its SmartDBA cross-platform database management tools.

The new version of Deployment Manager allows administrators to manage thousands of dissimilar Linux systems from a central location. The tool supports in-house Linux applications and disk sharing for IBM Corp.'s Virtual Memory operating system, BMC said.