Blackberry's Board of Directors has formed committee to explore strategic alternatives for the future of the company that could include joint ventures or a sale of the company, as it struggles to turn its new BlackBerry 10 operating system into a success.

The committee members are all on the current board of directors.

The news comes as the company shipped 6.8 million smartphones and recorded a US$84 million loss during the three months to June 1. Some 2.7 million phones running the new OS were sold, a figure that disappointed analysts.

The soft sales lead analysts to question the future of BlackBerry 10 and the company during a conference call on the results. At the time, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins [cq] offered various themes on the same reply as a defense: "BlackBerry 10 is still in the early stages on its transition. In fact, we are only five months in to what is the launch of an entirely new mobile computing platform," he said.

The so-called Special Committee of the Board is comprised of Heins, Barbara Stymiest [cq], Richard Lynch [cq] and Bert Nordberg [cq], and will be chaired by Timothy Dattels [cq]. The company provided no time schedule for when the committee's work would produce a result.