BI company Spotfire has incorporated Web 2.0 features into the latest version of its analytics tool.

The software is similar to that offered through the tie-up between Information Builders and Google Maps announced last week, but according to Mark Demesmaeker, scientific consultant for Spotfire, the lastest version, 2.1, incorporated several new features that would improve the functionality. "For the first time, we offer the ability to create business mashups using links from many sources", he said. This approach contrasts with the Information Builders/Google tie-up which does not allow mashups to be created from Google Maps.

However, the Spotfire software is more sophisticated and is not for the casual user. “This is not something that could be developed outside the IT department,” said Demesmaeker. "There’s too coding involved for someone who’s not technical, maybe in the future we’ll be able to offer this facility to business users but not just yet."

Tibco acquired Spotfire last May and this development is the first since the acquisition. Demesmaeker said that it was about putting an attractive front end on Tibco’s management software. "Tibco is the back-end wiring, we’re the TV," he said. "We’ve more tightly integrated the Spotfire software with Tibco’s," he said.

In addition, Demesmaeker said that the new version of the software offered several improvements in the way that the software was presented. The new features include: curve fit and line drawing to illuminate underlying trends in data; the ability to interactively compare trends across different segment and better visualisation of data when comparing across disparate scales.