Betfair has launched its “Betfair Predicts” app for the UK general election, designed to show how the Betfair Exchange is calling the result in real time.

Betfair said its Exchange has a track record of calling political outcomes correctly, most recently calling a “No” vote at the Scottish Referendum as an 80 percent chance throughout the campaign, while the polls were calling it 50/50.

TCS election app
TCS' app can illustrate things like sentiment around a politician, like prime minister David Cameron, during the run-up to the election. Image credit: TCS

Betfair Predicts, which is available across desktop, iOS and Android systems, takes the betting data within the Exchange’s markets and presents it in the app. Several rolling graphics show the percentage chance (drawn from the market odds) of each of the main election outcomes, with an interactive map showing the betting landscape right down into individual constituencies.

Betting data is also constantly compared to the main polling agencies, making it a one stop shop for anyone with an interest in how the election will go.

Alex Deacon, director of innovation at Betfair, said: “Betfair has always offered a transparent way of tracking the outcome of political events, but this app brings these predictions to life in an engaging and simple way.”

Grand Parade was the agency that built the app. It said: “We have worked with Betfair on political prediction products since 2009, and the new Betfair Predicts app takes this work to a much higher level.”

In another general election app launch, Tata Consultancy Services has unveiled ElectUK, a smartphone application that allows users to track, analyse and visualise Twitter conversations about the election – turning their phone into a “big data social media analytics tool”, said TCS.

The free app is available on both iOS and Android devices. ElectUK uses data taken directly from Twitter and analyses millions of tweets about, and from, the political parties, candidates and the electorate during the election.

This data is run through TCS’ PeriVista big data analytics software and delivered to the application as a range of shareable graphics. The app is based on a database of more than two thousand parliamentary candidates, allowing users to compare sentiment and trends, including the issues of highest importance in the debate, TCS said.