BEA has confirmed it will join the Eclipse Foundation open source consortium.

The company will participate as a top-level "Strategic Developer" member, paying as much as $250,000 per year in dues, and has vowed to ship a commercial product based on Eclipse within one year, Eclipse said. BEA is proposing to lead a language development tools project based on the company's Javelin compiler framework for Java.

BEA has pondered participating in Eclipse for a while. However, the company has its own IDE as part of its WebLogic Workshop toolkit, viewed as a potential rival to the Eclipse IDE. But BEA has previously worked with Eclipse on Pollinate, an open source incubator project that links Project Beehive to the Eclipse IDE. Project Beehive is an open source development based on Workshop.

BEA's participation in Eclipse leaves Sun and Microsoft as the only major vendors not participating in Eclipse. Eclipse was itself founded by IBM in 2001 but has since become an independent entity.