BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is partnering with BT to help run the Barefoot Computing project, a national scheme to support primary school teachers as they start to teach the new computing curriculum.

Starting this summer, the project will provide cross-curricular computer science resources aimed at primary schoolteachers who have no previous computer science knowledge.

The Barefoot Computing project is being run by BCS together with the Computing At School group (CAS).

New Barefoot Computing resources will help teachers understand ideas and concepts such as algorithms, abstraction and data structures, how they occur naturally in many other disciplines that they also teach, and how they can teach them to children starting from age five.

Bill Mitchell, director of education at the Institute, said: "BT have been supporters of CAS for several years. They also have a deep practical understanding of what works in primary schools through a scheme they've been running locally in Suffolk.

"BCS working in partnership with BT will be well placed to provide primary schoolteachers across England with inspirational, creative computer science classroom resources, that will also improve students' attainment in maths, English and other subjects such as history and art."

Pat Hughes, education engagement strategy manager at BT, said: "Every primary school teacher needs to be able to teach every subject in the curriculum, including the new computing curriculum.

"We think it's important that we do all we can to help primary teachers understand computer science in a primary school context and see how it fits into their cross-curricular environment."

IBM recently called for industry to help teachers prepare for the new curriculum, and said that it was also looking to set up a summer school for teachers.