Barclays is helping its mortgage brokers save time uploading submission documents when on the move, with a new system that allows customers details to be scanned using smartphone and tablet cameras.

In what the company describes as a first for a UK bank, the Scan and Attach service means that images of house-buyers’ documents can uploaded directly to an online repository where they are available for view by staff.

Barclays listened to its customers and gave them, the technology they needed ©iStock/nigelcarse
Barclays listened to its customers and gave them, the technology they needed ©iStock/nigelcarse

With brokers often meeting clients at their homes, this makes it easier to conduct their business and process mortgage applications more quickly.

It will also remove any uncertainty over whether documents have been received, with historic information on hand to staff. Meanwhile, a headersheet previously used by brokers to confirm that documents are originals has been replaced by a tick box, further speeding the application process.

“The Scan and Attach enhancement to Barclays online system has been extremely well received by our Advisers and Administrators,” said Richard Merrett, technical director from brokers, Alexander Hall.

“We have already seen positive results in Barclays time to offer since the launch of the facility and it demonstrates their willingness to listen to broker feedback and further develop a proposition that supports good customer outcomes.”

The launch comes as Barclays continues to digitise many of its services. For instance, the bank has been trialling a cheque imaging system which allows retail banking customers to deposit payments using smartphones and tablets, recently expanding the pilot to one million users.

It has also announced the launch of a Skype-like mobile video service allowing customers to speak to advisors remotely, claiming to be the first in the UK to offer this, as well as others capabilities such as cloud storage for financial documents.

“The launch of these enhancements to our online mortgage submission system is an important milestone in an ongoing journey of bringing improvements designed to support brokers and to help them deliver the very best service for customers,” said Jackie Uhi, managing director, mortgage distribution at Barclays. 

We’ve listened to feedback from the intermediary market and are working hard to develop a broker-centric approach which sees them served and supported as customers of ours as well as partners. We are excited to be the first lender to offer the ability to photograph documents and upload them in this way and look forward to introducing further innovations in 2015.”