British enterprise search vendor Autonomy has recognised the increasing difficulty in tracking constantly-changing information on the web, after it launched a system that will allow businesses to automatically record and archive dynamic website content.

The Autonomy Web Content Compliance solution combines Autonomy's Digital Safe archiving service, with Interwoven's TeamSite web content management solution. Autonomy completed its acquisition of Interwoven on 17 March.

The new system is being targeted at businesses that present dynamic content on the web, but who are struggling to deal with the compliance and legal issues this raises. Recording, storing and tracking this data is normally a pretty complicated process because of the fact that many businesses are making use of rich media and dynamic personalised content in order to create a rewarding and interactive experience for each customer.

According to Greg Kelton, MD Autonomy Optimost EMEA, the Autonomy Web Content Compliance solution uses 'web versioning' to allow for websites, both dynamic and static in nature, to be completely archived. It uses the concept of "replay" to allow companies to give authorities insight into any transaction that might have occurred at any point in time, simply by replaying the transactions that occurred at that point in time.

"Interwoven TeamSite has offered robust web versioning capabilities, enabling customers to take a 'snapshot' of data and offers at any given point in time, for many years," Kelton told Techworld via email.

"By combining with Digital Safe, customers now have a secure, scalable, and enterprise-class system for storing and retrieving this information," he added. "Autonomy has built-in hooks into TeamSite content to make a secure connection so that information can be ingested and indexed by Digital Safe."

Kelton said that businesses can now also combine their web content information with other forms of content, including voice mails, emails, in order to get a complete picture of their interactions with a customer. For example, a user can search for the site artefacts from a point in time or containing certain content, retrieve the entire edition, and then reproduce the site.

Kelton feels the solution addresses an extremely pressing business need, as corporations increasingly deliver more and more dynamic, personalised content over the web, but at the same time they are dealing with more complex and stringent regulatory compliance requirements for reporting and auditing what offers and content they have presented to customers. "This solution closes that gap for businesses," he said.

"Additionally, by providing this information over a hosted environment, customers have immediate access to a secure solution that also meets the strict compliance requirements of organisations like the SEC," he added.

The solution is available now and the technology is available in a modular format, so pricing depends on what functions a customer purchases. For example, Autonomy's solutions start at $50,000 (£34,335) but it also offers hosted solutions paid monthly.