Drivers can remotely check and control functions of electric BMW i models through an Apple Watch app that is already live in the iTunes store.

The free BMW I Remote app can be downloaded from iTunes. The clockface will show the car’s battery status and alert the user when it is fully charged.

The app lets you choose your destination before entering the car ©BMW
The app lets you choose your destination before entering the car ©BMW

Drivers can also log in their destination address from their wrist, so the car has the journey route set before even opening the door.

Drivers can check their battery status on the app ©BMW

Forgetful drivers will be glad to hear that the app comes with a car finding function, as well an update on whether the car doors are locked or not.

With their embedded SIM cards, BMW i3 and BMW i8 are already internet enabled, but the BMW i Remote app is quite a futuristic step for driving.

During the CES motor show earlier this year, BMW demonstrated how drivers could expect to summon their driverless cars from their wrists in the future.

It also revealed its own version of the Google Glass, a pair of driving goggles that connected with BMW's Mini, allowing drivers to see directions and use parking assistance. 

In a statement BMW said: “Many of us already view digital services as an integral part of our everyday lives, and smartwatches are set to give this trend even greater momentum. They also make using electric mobility a faster and more direct experience.”