Apple today launched a tribute page for its co-founder, Steve Jobs, posting some of the one million messages it received after the death of the iconic entrepreneur.

The debut of the page on Apple's website preceded a company-wide celebration of Jobs' life on the firm's Cupertino, California campus.

According to a report by Reuters, Apple's retail stores will be shuttered to allow those employees to watch a live broadcast of the tribute.

Apple did not make the broadcast available to the public.

The memorial page, titled "Remembering Steve," displays a dozen or more messages from customers and employees at any one time, with new messages posting regularly.

One million messages received

Apple said it had received messages from "over a million people from all over the world" since it provided an email address on its website 5 October, the day Jobs died, where customers and others could use to leave thoughts, memories and condolences.

The company website's front page continues to show a photograph of Jobs, as it has for the last two weeks.

Jobs, 56, died of complications from a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

In 2004, Jobs underwent surgery to treat the cancer, then in early 2009 took a six-month medical leave during which he received a liver transplant. In January 2011, Jobs took another, indefinite leave of absence, but never returned full time to the company. On 24 August he announced his resignation as CEO, saying he "could no longer meet my duties."

Former chief operating officer Tim Cook, who ran Apple during Jobs' several absences, was appointed the new CEO the same day.

The messages posted on the tribute site today ranged from the lyrical to the matter-of-fact.

Thanking Steve Jobs

"Thank you for making the world colourful. Thank you for bringing Apple to the whole world. Thank you for making people's dream come true," said someone identified only as Sherry.

"As a 44-year-old I can say without a doubt my life has been influenced by Steve from the first day I touched my 8K Apple II in high school. Thank you for that Steve, thank you," said Joe.

"Rest in peace," read a message from Jose.

Yesterday, Cook took the opening moments of the company's earnings conference call with Wall Street analysts to briefly eulogise Jobs.

"This is our first earnings call since the passing of Steve Jobs," said Cook. "His spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple, and we are dedicated to continuing the amazing work that he loved so much."

Cook also expressed gratitude to the people who sent condolences to the company following Jobs's death.

People can continue to send messages to the [email protected] email address, Apple said.