The issue of notebook battery recalls is once again in the headlines after another laptop caught fire, this time in the London-based office of a marketing company.

The laptop concerned is an older-model PowerBook, which burst into flames last Wednesday, according to the Inquirer. The notebook, a 15" PowerBook G4, may have been included in a battery recall that Apple participated in after some Sony batteries were found to have overheated in certain circumstances.

The notebook in question began to smoulder with smoke coming from the machine and soon after "basically exploded," said an IT manager in the interview. "Flames were flying six foot in the air, and sparks."

"There was a popping sound and more smoke," Steven said. "I hit the fire alarm." After emptying a fire extinguisher on the machine, the PowerBook was "still hot and glowing and the battery was all molten inside and glowing red."

"We decided to wait for the fire brigade to turn up."

Laptop fires caused by overheating batteries is not new, and indeed PowerBooks with bad batteries have exploded before. That said, it is probably a good idea to double-check the serial number against the recall list published by Apple.