Former AMD chip engineer John Bruno has been hired by Apple as a "System Architect", according to an update to his LinkedIn profile.

Bruno, who managed Advanced Micro Device’s second-generation APU project, known as Trinity, claims to have joined Apple in July. Last year, Bruno was forced to leave AMD following a series of cuts, which also saw several other high-level engineers let go, and has remained off the radar until now.

Bruno’s new position suggests that Apple is continuing to focus its efforts on designing fast, power-sipping processors for its iOS devices.

Forbes reports that Bruno’s move to Apple could spell trouble for AMD and Intel, which are both facing a rocky future with the rise of the ‘post-PC’ area causing less demand for computers built with their products.

According to former AMD employees, Apple considered putting AMD ‘Llano’ Fusion processers into the newly updated MacBook Air, but eventually launched the updated laptop with Intel processors at WWDC in June. It is also believed that Apple was planning to use the AMD Fusion APU in its Apple TV, however it launched in 2010 with an ARM-based A4 processor.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad, however, have processors designed by Apple itself, which incorporate parts of the ARM Holdings licensed design that is used in most mobile devices.

Former AMD colleagues have reportedly said that Bruno “could be a natural fit for Apple’s processor team.”

The report notes that Apple has already employed several other former AMD engineers, including Bob Drebin, who was chief technology officer for AMD’s graphics group.