Apple has filed for several new patents, covering security, display luminance, flash memory, mobile device simulation and more. However the volume of creative and visionary patents filed by Apple within the past few months is considerably lower than usual.

Patently Apple reports that the new patent filings, published by the US Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday, includes security patents involving cryptographic pass codes, the display of spatio-temporal dithered images with colour shift and luminance, streaming zip filed via flash memory, a way to simulate the performance of a mobile device for improve testing abilities, and the automatic discovery of metadata.

Apple’s patents are all utility centric, and although these kinds of patents ensure that Apple protects the small details behind its products, it is unusual to see such a lack of more significant patents. Patently Apple describes the patent shortage as “nothing shy of anaemic.”

“Here’s hoping that Apple is in the process of changing gears and inventing their next-generation of knock-out products for us to enjoy,” says the report.