Cloud services provider Appirio today announced that it has acquired open innovation community TopCoder for an undisclosed fee in a move that combines two key developer communities.

TopCoder’s community creates digital assets including analytics, software and creative designs and solutions for businesses.

Appiro, which provides products and services to companies wishing to adopt cloud technologies, said it will combine its own crowdsourced Cloudspokes network of cloud and web developers, with TopCoder's community to give customers access to nearly 600,000 developers, designers and data analytics experts.

Appirio claimed the acquisition will provide members of both developer communities with more opportunities to earn money while showcasing their respective skills and capabilities.

With the addition of TopCoder, the community’s members represent expertise in AngularJS, Heroku, HTML5, Java, etc.

Appirio CEO Chris Barbin said: “Appirio has embraced community development since the company’s inception, and has proven that crowdsourcing is an effective way to increase innovation and more cost-effectively deliver solutions.”

“The rise of the sharing economy is quickly rendering the traditional systems integration and offshore biased model obsolete. Together, the CloudSpokes and TopCoder communities offer more elastic development and design resources than Accenture, Deloitte and InfoSys combined.”

Meanwhile, TopCoder founder Jack Hughes said: “TopCoder pioneered community-driven open innovation and has delivered design, development and analytics solutions for companies and governments for more than a decade. We have admired Appirio for bringing together the best of cloud development and crowdsourcing. With the addition of TopCoder, Appirio will redefine what it means to deliver compelling, agile and innovative solutions to customers globally.”