An app that lets users show their solidarity for the worldwide ‘Je Suis Charlie’ campaign was put on the Apple store in record time after a French newspaper sent a personal email to Tim Cook.

Usually developers must wait 10-15 days to see their app appear in the Apple store, but now the app – which was developed in 18 hours – has had over 100,000 downloads since it went live this morning.

A man takes part in the Charlie Hebdo memorial in Brussels last week
A man takes part in the Charlie Hebdo memorial in Brussels last week

The app allows users to share their location with others using a geotag and label titled ‘Je Suis Charlie’.

It is one of many ways the public can use technology to promote the freedom of speech using technology, including the Twitter hashtag #Jesuischarlie, following the attacks at French magazine Charlie Hebdo last week in which 12 people died.

Apple’s French homepage showed its support for the campaign by placing a Je Suis Charlie banner on its homepage last week.

Tech giants like Google have said they will donate $300,000 (£200,000) to Charlie Hebdo to keep the satirical magazine in operation. French media heavyweights like Le Monde, France Télévisions and Radio France will match this pledge, the Guardian reported.

Charlie Hebdo will print three million copies of its edition tomorrow. Usually only 60,000 are in circulation. French media has reported that the cover will depict the Prophet Muhammad holding a sign reading “I am Charlie” underneath the words “all is forgiven”.

Image credit: Flickr/Valentina Cala and Apple store