's third quarter digital jobs survey among its 4.3 million users shows jobs relating to Apple iOS are falling away behind those linked to to Google's Android.

The survey showed that iPhone jobs tapered to a modest 8 percent growth increase (to 5,509 jobs) this quarter, compared to a 30 percent jobs increase last quarter. suggested mixed reviews for the iPhone 5 haven't helped, with a lack of new features and the device's maps failure being cited.

However Android saw a 16 percent increase in jobs growth to 4,795 jobs, spurred on by the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. said the slightly faltering fortunes of Apple may leave an opening for Microsoft to better exploit the release of its touch-optimised Windows 8 system, leading to more digital jobs around the technology.

In other areas the survey found HTML5 jobs growing 44 percent (to 3,038 jobs) "as businesses and entrepreneurs scramble to bridge the gap between their fixed and mobile clients", said And jQuery (the javascript library for interactive web apps) increased its job quota by 32 percent to 2,972 jobs.

PHP jobs rose 19 percent to 35,061 jobs, and CSS and MySQL similarly saw strong growth, up 19 percent (to 7,099 jobs) and 18 percent (to 11,007 jobs) respectively.

Demand for eBay-related jobs grew 41 percent to 1,470 jobs, and Facebook-related positions grew 11 percent to 7,193 jobs.