AMD has launched its low-cost computer, the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), in Panama, marking the first time the device has been made available in Central America.

Based on the Geode GX processor, the PIC is a no-frills computer that runs Windows CE 5.0 and comes with a 10GB hard drive and internal modem. It is designed for low-income families.

In Panama, the PIC is being offered through a partnership with Cable & Wireless. Extending a program already available in many Caribbean countries, Cable & Wireless Panama will offer the PIC as part of a bundle, called FacilNet, that also includes broadband Internet access. Pricing was not disclosed. Only six percent of Panama's population currently has Internet access, AMD said.

The PIC is part of AMD head Hector Ruiz's 50-15 plan, under which the company hopes to see 50 percent of the world's population connected to the Internet by 2015.