Amazon released an update for their Stanza e-reading app for iOS yesterday to fix a slew of problems that affected the application when running the new Mac iOS 5.

It was reported earlier this month that Stanza wouldn't run properly under iOS 5; at the time, Amazon failed to respond to numerous requests for comment regarding the app's future. Until yesterday, Amazon hadn't released a Stanza update in nine months.

Although Thursday's update addresses various crashing and usability bugs, Stanza fans may be left wondering just how long the app will continue to function. The company's customer service team told a reader of Techworld sister site Macworld via email that after releasing this update, "we will no longer be updating or supporting Stanza. We would like to thank you for your interest in Stanza, and let you know that Amazon is committed to providing the best reading experience on iOS though the Kindle for iPhone, iPod and iPad apps." We have yet to receive official confirmation from Amazon's public relations team.

Amazon acquired Lexcycle, the original developers of Stanza, in 2009. Though the app can't display Kindle books, it does offer support for ePub, eReader, PDF, Comic Book Archive, and DjVu book formats. Stanza devotees praised the app's plentiful customization options for text display.