Just a day after revealing the likely release date and cost of Windows Vista, Amazon has done the same for the Office 2007.

The online retailer has started taking pre-orders for the ubiquitous suite of software and stated that it will be available on the same day as Windows Vista: 30 January 2007 for $399.

Microsoft still refuses to confirm the exact availability of Office, however, continuing to maintain that the system will be available to business customers by the end of the year, and consumers in early 2007.

The software giant also toed the party line on Windows Vista availability, repeating what it has said since March: Vista will be available to business customers in November, and consumers in January 2007.

If Amazon.com's listings are correct, Microsoft plans to ship the consumer versions of Windows Vista and Office 2007 simultaneously at the end of January. Both products have been delayed from the release dates the company originally targeted for them. However, Microsoft has said for some time it would release the two products together, and in March even purposefully pushed Office 2007's release date into next year so it would ship at the same time as Vista.