A social content module for the open source Alfresco enterprise content management (ECM) platform is now available.

The Social Content Platform for Alfresco has been launched by Ixxus. Alfresco has almost 2,000 customers in 55 countries and Ixxus is the first company to develop a specific module for managing and creating social content across the ECM platform.

The new module features "out-of-the-box" integration with existing social media services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, meaning users can create a central repository based on Alfresco for managing both traditional and social content via a single platform.

Ixxus said the module could be used to improve both brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as create revenue opportunities.

Paul Samuel, director at Ixxus, said, "While recognising the importance of social media, many organisations currently manage it in a siloed fashion using a number of different tools, and with very little integration with their existing content management systems."

He said: "It can be very difficult for organisations to keep track of and record all their social media interactions with customers, which is becoming increasingly important when it comes to customer service. With our Social Content Platform we aim to provide Alfresco users with one co-ordinated point."

Using the module firms can link their own website with social media sites and use their existing ECM to directly publish content on social sites. As part of the offering Ixxus has created an algorithm that will help reduce content to 140 characters so it can effectively be sent out to Twitter.

The module can be used to respond to customer feedback, and to ensure that content sent out abides by company rules using review and publish controls. There is also integration with web reporting tools such as Google Analytics, and users are able to record a full history of their published content.