Akamai Technologies has bought mobile services company Velocitude in an attempt to boost the company's mobile presence. According to Akamai, the move will enable to add mobile functionality to Akamai's existing suite of services and help with the delivery of video and ecommerce to mobile devices.

The move has been designed to improve the poor quality response that users have when accessing content over mobile devices. Despite, the growing use of mobile broadband and the wider interest in video, via sites like YouTube, mobile users tend to have difficulty navigating a site with mobile content, leading to many enterprises maintaining different websites for mobile and fixed line access – or opting out of providing high-quality video altogether.

Akamai is looking to build on Velocitude's mobile content transformation technology to enable website providers to deliver content without the need for separate mobile websites.

"Enterprises must overcome some specific challenges to ensure both a highly-performing mobile site and a high-quality end user experience," said Paul Sagan, president and CEO of Akamai. "We believe Velocitude has developed a powerful set of solutions to enable optimal mobile Internet experiences across a multitude of different devices. Our goal is to offer the most capable mobile delivery solution available anywhere that combines the convenience of mobile while offering readability and fast response times."