AirMagnet has released a new version of its distributed wireless security product, with new ways to pick up rogue access points and new security alarms.

The number of insecure Wi-Fi access points on the increase and detecting and disabling them has become a major product feature of Wi-Fi systems including Wi-Fi switches from Airespace, Aruba and Trapeze.

Version 4.0 of AirMagnet Distributed can locate and disable APs (access points) which have been illegally set up inside an enterprise connected to a LAN. It also has new security alarms, an updated policy engine and a new user interface.

Rich Mironov, VP of marketing at AirMagnet, said the enhancements were driven by input from the company's 1,800 customers, who were requesting more than just security sweeps and performance analysis.

"With 4.0 we're doing more active things," said Mironov. "We're offering more ways to find rogues and do active blocking."

He explained the rogue APs can be disabled or "taken out of operation" by sending disassociate messages instructing the AP to drop all of its connections. Once it stops broadcasting, administrators can send packets to the rogue AP requesting it to forward the said packets onto another server or device over the wire, instead of through the air. Once forwarded, administrators can discover the IP address of the rogue AP and thus its physical location.

Additional features of the new version include security alerts that can be sent to administrators over e-mail, pagers and cell phones, and a new user interface that is designed to show why and how a network link is down or performing poorly.

The upgrade is free for existing customers and is available today. AirMagnet competes with AirDefense and AirWave.