Airespace is touting what it says is the Hummer of wireless LAN systems, adding MIMO antennae for faster throughput to a new IRAP range of access points.

MIMO (multiple input - multiple output) antennae use multiple paths to get more data to and from the client (see our feature on MIMO).

But the IRAP (Intelligent RF Access Point) range is not a replacement but an alternative, explained Airespace's director of marketing, Alan Cohen. "Our 1200 AP is like a BMW, giving high performance, good control and relatively fuel efficient. MIMO is like a Hummer, giving 120 km per hour over the roughest terrain." MIMO gives greater predictability and throughput, said Cohen.

Presumably the BMW/Hummer analogy doesn't go too far, or the MIMO access point would be a target for environmental activists, and the 1200 AP would mark you out as a probable drug dealer - at least where this author lives. The IRAP product has no price yet, but will probably cost around 50 percent more than the 1200 series, said Cohen.

Airespace is also launching an extension of its location services, in the form of a Wireless Location Services (AWLS) package, to help with asset tracking and security. The location system includes a deal to sell Bluesoft's Wi-Fi RFID tags (as used by Legoland) , as well as Airespace's location software and a location appliance, and interfaces to hook the location system into ERP systems and other enterprise software.