WLAN specialist Aerohive has launched a new version of its Hive AP operating system (HiveOS), offering a series of enhancements that it claimed would enable its customers to take more control of their wireless networks.

According to Stephen Philip, Aerohive's VP of marketing, there are more than 50 new features being offered.

Philip highlighted the introduction of a feature called client health score. "It's the visual representation of statistics," said Philip. "We use a traffic light approach of red, yellow and green to warn our customers. We did have detailed statistics but we found that our clients wanted both."

He added that one of the most important parts of the new system was the fact that it dealt with actual transmissions - both successful and unsuccessful. "The colour coding is the effective data rate, taking into account the capability the of client as well as performance of the products.  That's the power of the system, we adjust it for the environment," he said. This in effect means that the same performance in two different organisations could be assessed differently, taking into account the differences in setups.

The second new element that Aerohive has introduced is an improvement on its SLA offering to provide real time monitoring of WiFi networks. The idea, said Philip, is to introduce a level of automation into the process so that problems can be spotted at early stages. "Call it self-healing if you like," he added, "although that's a phrase that's over used."

In addition to these enhancements, the company has also launched TeacherView, a way for teachers to control a class WLAN. Philip said that "The evolution of WiFi has created a new generation of reluctant administrators – schools have gone from having no access layer, to teachers being required to manage that access layer without having any tools." He said that TeacherView would enable teachers to manage their students better, leaving them free to concentrate on teaching rather than on LAN administration.

The TeacherView interface allows teachers to monitor client connections, control student usage and ensure that students aren't looking at inappropriate websites. Philip said that teaching was the first vertical that the company was developing specific products for, but was looking at others. 

The new operating system is available now, while TeacherView will be available in September.