The adoption rate for Enterprise 2.0 will nearly double in the Europe in the next 18 months, according to a survey conducted by IDC.

IDC said up to 47 percent would use Web 2.0-based solutions to enhance internal collaboration, while customer service ranked second (31 percent) among respondents as a use for Web 2.0 – and 26 percent believed enhancing external collaboration would drive adoption the most.

Only 11 percent of those surveyed by IDC saw channel/partner communications as a main driver behind the new web technologies.

The survey also showed that 67 percent see the convergence of IT and communications as the critical foundation for building the Enterprise 2.0.

"Surprisingly, Spain, Denmark, and Italy are the early-adopting nations of Europe and will continue to show the highest adoption rates over the next 18 months, even ahead of the UK and Germany," said Pim Bilderbeek, vice president of European telecommunications and networking consulting for IDC.

The survey also shows that adoption in the UK and Poland will increase at a quicker rate than in Germany.

"Although 56 percent in Germany believe they are achieving the expected results after implementation, 'no user demand' is seen as the biggest barrier to introducing Web 2.0 tools," said Bilderbeek.