Software giant Adobe has apologised to customers over deteriorating customer service. "The quality of Adobe customer service has really taken a dive lately (I know: I end up fielding/escalating a lot of cases that come in through blog comments)," said John Nack on Adobe on his blog.

Nack, principal product manager, Adobe Photoshop, links to a PDF open letter from Adobe VP Lambert Walsh explaining what's gone wrong and what will be done to correct it.

"Adobe is in the process of transitioning to a new global service provider that will help grow and improve the quality of our customer service worldwide," said Walsh.

"While our new partner is a recognised leader in service and support solutions, this is a major global transition that includes bringing more than 800 new agents onboard. Clearly this process has not gone as smoothly as we had planned, and we are working to immediately remedy the situation."

The full 'Open Letter to Adobe Customers' can be found here along with Adobe contact details for those customers having problems.