ActiveState launched this week version 6 of its Komodo IDE for dynamic scripting languages, featuring capabilities for HTML5, Python 3.0 and CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheets 3). Komodo 6 enables development using Python, Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript. Web development is supported as well and version 6 features both performance and technical improvements, the company said.

"Komodo's reputation is already very strong as the go to multi-language, multi-platform IDE," said Jeff Hobbs, ActiveState director of engineering. "With the launch of version 6, Komodo enables even faster development for everything it did in previous versions, as well as adding support for Python 3, HTML5 and CSS 3."

HTML5 updates the HTML specification to cover modern web capabilities like video. Python 3 and CSS 3 represent the latest major versions of those technologies as well.

Performance is improved in the IDE through use of the same Mozilla source code as the Firefox 3.5 browsers, ActiveState said. Switching and opening and closing of tabs are faster. Quicker startup and shutdown times are featured as well.

Also included in Komodo 6 are debugging, syntax checking, autocomplete and code browsing for dynamic languages including Python 3, Perl 5.12 and Tcl 8.6. Developers also can explore local and remote database installations and manage data. The SQLite embedded database engine is supported and extensions are featured for MySQL and Oracle.

A file management system called Places offers a customised view of a user's filesystem and enables life management operations like file editing.

Komodo 6 pricing starts at $295 per developer. A $50 discount is being offered from now through November 15. Developers also can access a free 21-day trial download at the Komodo IDE website. ActiveState is now offering annual upgrades and a support subscription plan.