Acronis has launched a new family of database backup and recovery software, designed to secure databases including SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Exchange.

Based on the company’s existing True Image Architecture, Acronis Recovery is designed to let IT managers and database administrators (DBAs) quickly, easily and securely back up and recover databases to the point of failure, including tables, logs and all other components.

“Viruses don’t attack just PCs; they also attack servers running Microsoft SQL Server. Having a current database backup could save a SMB dozens of hours of time that would be required to rebuild a damaged or infected database,” said Walter Scott, CEO of Acronis.

“Just this week there were published reports of thousands of SQL databases that were attacked by a malicious script that hijacked PCs,” he said.

Acronis Recovery for SQL Server - Oracle and Microsoft Exchange versions are coming soon - includes a wizard-driven management console and the ability to create backup images that are claimed to be up to 90 percent smaller than the original database. It also allows backup to an FTP server without any staging steps, promising a reliable way to move backups offsite.

“Database administrators need to know that their backups are secure enough to meet regulatory requirements, while being space-efficient, easily managed and quickly restorable,” said Scott. “... [Acronis Recovery] delivers the features and functionality specifically required by IT managers and DBAs responsible for maintaining disparate databases within their datacentres.”

Acronis Recovery is available now for £199 (per server), with details available on the company’s website. Acronis will make similar offerings available for Oracle and Exchange Servers in the first half of this year.