A new service allow you to access your computer through your mobile phone.

SoonR has announced support for Opera Mobile, Asynchronous Javascript and XML (Ajax) technology, which it says provides a faster service when connecting to a computer through a phone's Web browser.

SoonR lets you connect to your computer, view documents and pictures translated and optimised for your phone, find files, documents, email, contact and calendar information, and even talk using Skype - ironic since you are using a cell phone.

No special software needs to be installed on the phone, but an agent is installed on your computer to make the connection.

Ajax is an increasingly popular technology that enables multimedia content and other information to be presented more dynamically and more quickly. It's used on popular websites like Google Maps and Amazon.com's A9 Search, and even used by Apple's iWeb application for production online photo slideshows.

Opera Mobile 8.6 supports Ajax and makes SoonR's Ajax support work. The software is available for download from Opera's Web site and works with dozens of phones from manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Sendo, Sony Ericsson, Motorola among others.