Just weeks after launch, a new £599.99 iPhone application is proving a hit with users according to the makers. iVIP is billed as the first premium lifestyle application for the iPhone.

"It is great to know that there are still people out there with money to spend at a time when we are in the grip of recession," said iVIP Black marketing director Matthew Rowe optimistically.

iVIP Black provides access to an exclusive network of privileges and benefits across a range of luxury partners including private islands, a concierge, supercar club, private jets, theatres, members' clubs, butlers, and much more.

The makers point out additional costs are associated with using many of the benefits.

Users who download the application are required to complete a 'High Net Worth Individual certification', restricting use of the app to 'Millionaires'.

The download price includes a private 'Lifestyle Consultation' where iVIP is sculpted to the individual user. Further development comes at additional cost including a bespoke limited edition all black iPhone according to iVIP.

iVIP Blue, which costs £279.99, gives access to the same partners and privileges but without the personalisation or consultation.