McDonald's is using wireless charging to entice customers to 50 of its UK fast-food spots.

Diners will be able to charge smartphones without having to plug them in, after the chain signed a deal with Aircharge to install 600 charging spots across the UK.

burger girl fastfood wirelesscharger
McDonald's hope customers will flock to charge their phones and buy a happy meal on the side ©iStock/Kzenon

The announcement presents how far wireless charging technology – particularly in public spaces – has come.

The Qi wireless standard, which the charging stations from Aircharge are based on, has received criticism from some quarters for not being compatible with most people’s phones. However, owners of Nexus 6 and Lumia 930 will be in luck.

The expanded rollout comes after a successful initial market test between Aircharge and McDonald’s.

The burger chain has already installed Qi chargers on restaurant tables in Hannover, Germany.

It is also testing touchscreen tablets to allow customers to customise their own burgers from a range of bread, cheese and toppings menu.

Starbucks announced a rollout of Duracell ‘Powermat Spots’ in tables and counters across the US last year and Canadian restaurants like Kitchen 67, based in Michigan, and the Kanga Café, Balzacs Coffee Bar, Sense Appeal and Thor have also installed Qi-standard wireless charging.

Using technology for marketing is a current trend amongst fast-food brands - rival Pizza Hut unveiled a new app to let customers order with their mind, through its ‘Subconscious online menu’.