3M today is demonstrating a 46-inch coffee-table like multi-touch display at the Consumer Electronics Conference here.

This product allows up to "20 different fingers" to interact with the display content, said Diego Romeu, 3M business operations manager, pictured below. The table top system is designed for use in retail (imagine multiple customers examining a product's features on this system, said Romeu) as well as for uses that include education and military environments (think NCIS).

Diego Romeu debuts 46-inch multi-touch display

3M builds the sensor technology as well as microchip controllers.

The technology can run on any platform, and is the same technology that is used in slot machine displays, though not sold under the 3M brand. The company sells the technology as a sensor or as a chassis.

The 46" system will be available in the second half of this year. A 21" system is now available.