Word Doctor is an unusual tool for creating, editing and analyzing written content.

At first glance, the program looks like a very simple text editor, a Notepad-level application with a few useful extras (URLs are detected and become clickable right away). But don't be fooled- it's so much more.

Look at the status bar and you'll see each word defined as you type it, for instance. Select a word, right-click, and there's a synonym finder, a more detailed definition, even an audio pronunciation guide.

The Find and Replace dialog also delivers more than you'd expect. It can specifically search for verbs, nouns or adjectives. There's regular expression support. And you can run operations across multiple files and folders.

A Document Analysis tool scans your words and gives you a breakdown, a "writing style" verdict (Expository/ Descriptive/ Narrative/ Persuasive), highlights key phrases, and more.

The Document Statistics tool provides more straightforward figures - line, character, syllable, sentence and word counts - as well as readability and grade level scores.

An "Evaluate Writing" function highlights what it thinks are problems with certain phrases.

Bonus features include Speed to Text, and Text to Speech, and there are one or two useful features in Settings (an Autosave frequency).

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Word Doctor is an interesting tool with some very helpful writing aids. They're not always easy to find, though-- be sure you read the manual in full to see what you're missing.