Wondershare's Disk Manager is a capable free tool that provides everything you need to organise and manage your hard drive.

There are options to create, move, resize, delete, copy, hide and unhide individual partitions, for instance.

The program can also scan your drive for errors, recover lost partitions, or convert your partition's file system from NTFS to FAT, or vice versa.

You're able to copy individual partitions, or complete disks, handy if you're upgrading to a new hard drive.

An option to securely wipe partitions or drives will ensure your personal data can't be recovered, if, say, you're selling your PC.

And while partitioning is a potentially risky task and needs to be treated with care, you don't have to be a PC expert to use Disk Manager: the program includes a set of well-designed wizards that will carefully walk you through every step of the process.

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An easy-to-use partition manager with a host of useful features