Wonder Keyboard is a fun iOS keyboard which can rephrase whatever you're typing to match different personalities.

It's like autocomplete, but instead of turning your text into something bland and ordinary, it'll offer suggestions that make you sound like a Texan. Or a Valley Girl. Or an Aristocrat. Or...

For example:

“Excuse me, may I interject? As the Aristocrat, I surely am the only persona needed given my lineage, Ivy League education, and...”

“Years of havin’ a stick up your butt” chimed the Texan. “Now lookie here, you gotta download this keyboard for one reason, and one reason only and that’s...”

“Like so totally me!!” exclaimed the Valley Girl. “Hey there!! What’s like crackalackin’? We’re going to have like a totally happen’en...”

“People, let’s shape up and find our manners. They were introducing us in a pithy and engaging way.” said the All American.

What's New in Version 1.5.0

Yarrr! It be me, th' scurvy pirate. So, ye 've always wanted to impress that fetchin' laddie or lass, but ye lacked th' faculty to shout eloquently? Well, wit' me, now ye can! Better yet, I be offerin' me services to ye fer free. So choose me, 'n lets get plunderin' some booties!

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Okay, sure, Wonder Keyboard isn't the most essential of apps. But it's fun to use, there's real intelligence behind it (the engine learns over time and offers suggestions based on the context of previous text), and satisfied users have given Wonder Keyboard a 4.x rating at the App Store.