WinLockPRO is a simple tool which attempts to bring the Windows 8 lock screen to Windows 7 PCs.

Configuring the program starts by choosing a user name, and a password. And you're also able to choose a new background for your lock screen. WinLockPRO provides plenty of options here - which is presumably why its executable file is around 30MB in size - but, slightly bizarrely, you can't just point the program to a JPEG on your own system.

Once everything is set up, then you can launch the lock screen from WinLockPro's system tray icon in a couple of clicks. And it looks just like the Windows 8 equivalent, with the date and a clock displayed on top of your preferred desktop wallpaper. Press the space bar to dismiss it, then enter the password you defined earlier.

What the system doesn't do, unfortunately, is provide much in the way of security. So while it looks like the Windows 8 lock screen, simply pressing Alt+Tab is enough to see the currently running applications. And while you can't easily view them, a determined attacker can simply launch Task Manager, close down WinLockPRO and do whatever they like.

WinLockPRO won't make you safe, then, and there's very little "locking" to be found here: it's really just a simple way to bring a part of the look of Windows 8 to your Windows 7 PC.

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WinLockPRO's lock screen looks just like Windows 8, prompting you for password before it'll return access to your PC. The program's purely about the visuals, though, and doesn't really provide any useful security at all