WhySoSlow is a smart tool which runs various low-level scans on your PC to try and determine any performance issues.

The program opens with a "Status" panel which acts as a monitor for your CPU speed, temperature, load, RAM usage, hard page faults, kernel and app responsiveness.

Click Analyze > Analyze and these performance indicators (and others) are assessed, and verdicts delivered on your CPU speed, temperature and load, memory load, hard page faults, application responsiveness, latencies, BIOS interrupt delays and more.

WhySoSlow also includes an "Alarm" which can display a warning if your CPU temperature gets too high.

A commercial Pro edition adds a more detailed report, extra settings, additional alarms, and more.

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WhySoSlow's system analysis delivers some interesting figures, but we're not sure how useful they're going to be. It told us that our system's hard page fault rate ranged from 0 to 58.1 per second, for instance, and said this was "excellent". Great, but is that really true? How is the program evaluating it? Would you know what was a good or bad figure for your system, or what to do about it?