Where Is It? attempts to bring order to your PC by maintaining a central catalogue with the location of all your computer files.

This might include the contents of USB flash drives, for instance; backup data on CDs and DVDs; audio CDs; removable drives; network drives, remote file servers and more.

Whatever the data source, once scanned by Where Is It? it'll be stored in the program's catalogue. And then, if you're looking for a particular MP3 file, say, just run a search and Where Is It? will point you to precise disc or drive where it can be found.

The search tool doesn't just restrict you to plain file names, though - you can search on various file criteria, just in particular discs or folders, and add Boolean logic to pick out only the documents you need.

The built-in report generator can then sort and arrange the results of your search in a variety of layouts. You could use this to, say, create a detailed report on your home movie collection. And the report can then be exported to Excel tables, RTF and HTML documents, as well as SQL, XML, CSV and SYLK files.

Where Is it? 2012.522 ships with these improvements:

- Minor maintenance release.
- Adjusted visual appearance of several parts of the user interface (like fonts and spacing in message boxes) to match modern operating systems.
- If plugins log file is enabled, users now have a choice to change the default location of log file, and select an alternate folder. It can help resolve write privilege issues on limited user accounts.
- Fixed exporting descriptions to external files on media.
- Other miscellaneous minor adjustments and improvements.

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Where Is It? 2010 is so packed with features that it can take a while to learn, but once you've mastered the basics then the program makes it much easier to locate important documents, wherever they may be.