USB Drive Letter Manager (USBDLM) allows you to decide which drive letters are given to your USB drives, MP3 players, digital cameras, or most other storage devices that you attach to your computer via USB.

Are you tired of the same device always getting a different drive letter, for instance? USBDLM can save your preferred choice to the device in an INI file, and then it'll always be assigned the same letter in the future.

You can also have the program intelligently assign drive letters from a list, depending on criteria like the active user, volume label, drive size and so on. So you might have small USB keys always assigned to K, L or M, say, while larger external backup drives get X, Y or Z.

You might choose to mount the drives as folders on an NTFS drive, perhaps ensuring that C:\USB\Corsair actually points to a USB flash drive.

There's an option to hide card reader drive letters unless they contain media.

And you're able to customise your own autorun options, for example launching a backup program as soon as you connect an external USB drive.

There's plenty more, too, however accessing all this power isn't exactly straightforward. USBDLM is a service, and there's no interface provided to configure any of its features: instead you must edit an INI file to get everything working as you'd like. This isn't particularly difficult, but you will need to spend a while reading the help file to discover what's on offer. If that may be an issue, check the online documentation before you download for a taste of how the program works.

Version 5.2.8 changes (changelog):

Bugfix: Crash when attaching a potential BadUSB device and BadUsbWatchKbd=1 and/or BadUsbWatchNet=1 and a LogLevel>=3
Bugfix: Balloontip texts in French, Italian and Portuguese had damaged accent characters since V5.0
Bugfix: On arrival of a drive with the mouse pointer over the AutoDismount tray icon the new drive was immediately dismounted and locked, making file criteria and some other things fail
Bugfix: Occasional crash on startup if many AutoRuns to perform
Bugfix: Even listed in [IgnoreDevice] USBDLM requested some information from drives as the size
Bugfix: USBDLM stopped working when more than 256 different volumes where used
Bugfix: No more font change in UsbDriveInfo's right pane when hitting certain special (e.g. asian) characters
Bugfix: Correct display of characters outside the system's default ANSI codepage in UsbDriveInfo
New: UsbDriveInfo show container of VeraCrypt volumes >= V1.18

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If you don't mind editing an INI file to set everything up then USBDLM will give you a huge amount of control over your USB devices, their drive letters and how they're used